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August 2012 Ron Buckner ( B-6 ) Endorses DFX  Sports And Fitness Also As A Distributor
Dyna Flex Pro Gyros
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Song "Better Days Ahead" Played On This Page Copyrighted
By Ron Buckner (B-6) Brainstorm Recording Studios And Brainstorm

  Recorded   Using a Modulus Quantum 6 - Eden Navigator - Axon AX100-
Mackie  CFX20 Mixer- Cubase  - Tascam US-1641 - Waves Plugins -  Wave Labs -
PSP Audioware Plugins.  Bass and synth parts played simultaneously using the Axon AX100
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Eden - Never Compromise
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Feel This Bottom End


March 2002

Eden Electronics endorses Ron Buckner (B-6).  He was requested to conduct  seminars in Denver, Colorado to answer questions about the Navigator Preamp, and  the World Tour Power Amp which he uses. He also uses the Eden D-115XLT for the low end and the D 410T for the midrange and high end. The seminars were a great success and several bass players are now using new Eden equipment. Ron is always ready to answer questions about the fine products produced by Eden Electronics.
2005 Ron Buckner signs endorsee agreement with U.S. Music Corporation to represent Eden Electronics' line of Bass Amplifiers and speakers.



(B-6) and his Eden Gear

                                                     "I am very proud to represent Eden Electronics"

                                                                           (B-6) - Massive Dose of Vitamin BASS

B-6 uses our WP100 Navigator and WT1000 to drive D410T and D115XLT cabinets, When asked why, he says, "I have played thru a lot of equipment and in my opinion Eden, besides looking great in my rack, is the best. I play a six string bass, my Eden Navigator allows me to dial in the sound that I hear and feel, from everything set flat to seriously EQ-ed, and anything in-between. On the power side I use the World Tour 1000 and, since I enjoy thump'n and popping along with low end grooves, you must realize it takes a very solid power supply design and amplification section to re-produce a clear low "B" and a clean high "C". The sound of quality and the quality of sound is evident when you hear it thru my 410T and 115 XLT cabinets. To sum it up

Power To Bass You

                                       Versatility, Power, and Reliability.                                         







Write Up From Eden

Here's some news about what our artists have been doing lately

September 26, 2007

Love The Low End

Just this morning, we heard from endorser Ron (B6) Buckner of Buckner Funken Jazz. The band is one of Denver's hottest Funk acts and is always doing something fun. For instance, this summer, the band played a series of festival dates, including People's Fair, the South Park Music Tour, and were also billed with the Neville Brothers At The Saturday Night Live Black Tie Gala Benefiting The Denver Center For Performing Arts Center . They even played Denver's Supreme Court! Moving forward, the band will perform at Denver's Oktoberfest on October 6th.

Through it all, B6's Eden rig keeps him grooving. "Man, you know me," he said in this morning's conversation. "I'm your biggest fan. As long as I've got my Eden rig, I know it's going to be a good show."

Never Compromise !
Eden - Never Compromise

      Bass Slam Video 2008         




Ron Buckner (better known as B-6) has been playing bass since he was 8 years old
. Ron purchased his first bass guitar, an EB3 replica, from (believe it or not) Radio Shack. He converted the living room stereo system into a bass amplifier (you know the stereo systems from the 60's that were a half a block long) by installing switches that re-routed the turntable needle signal outputs.

This invention was to be used only when his parents weren't home. Upon seeing the new bass guitar in the family's living room Ron's father asked, "What are you going to do with that "Thang?" His Dad  later discovered the conversion when his Green Onions "45" would not play (Ron forgot to throw the switches back).

Ron thanks his mother for running interference for him from his Dad after the stereo system discovery was made. He thanks his father for the challenge and the inspiration that gave him the drive to become one of Denver’s better bass players.

Ron's very unique style of playing combines the solid backbeat of graceful thumping with a straight-ahead peaceful in the pocket groove. His influences came from his high school friends Larry Dunn of Earth Wind & Fire, and Ted "Funken" Duncan from Denver, Larry Graham of Sly and the Family Stones, Graham Central Station, and most recently Victor Wooten of Bella Fleck and The Flecktones. Ron has played with Sky, Specter, The Regroovanators, Splash, Impulse, The Jazz Project, Ace Butler And The Aces, The New "G", Sammy and Friends, Silver JeffCarl Dixon, Linda Theus-Lee, and host of other bands in California and in Colorado. Ron recently recorded with Portrait, on their "Without A Second Thought" CD, Katie on her Angel Eyes CD,  Park Peters on his "Because You Asked" CD,  and was requested to record bass tracks for the following:  the "Oasis Product Line" commercials, "Down The Drain" By Regan Mizuno recorded at Raging Waters Records, and "The Ugly In Me" for the group Sans Visaj on their latest CD "Pearl" also at Raging Waters Records.

He is currently playing in The Buckner Funken Jazz Band with his brother, Rod Buckner, on trumpet. Ron also collaborates with various Denver-area artists and groups laying down studio grooves for them. Ron is the owner of Brainstorm Recording Studios, Brainstorm Records, and BRI Digital Images, subsidiaries of Buckner Resources Inc. He produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered the CD project for the band "A New Elysium, Ticket To Nowhere",  produced and engineered  "Russell Edwards' CD,  Edge Of A Fall",  Produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered the CD project for GateKeeprz  self titled CD GateKeeprz.  Produced, mixed, and mastered Buckner Funken Jazz's newest CD "Get Your Groove On" He is working on his solo CD entitled "Direct Current" .

B-6 and his 7 String Bass

Link To Conklin Guitars

Link To Conklin Guitars

Ron Standing In Front Of The Red Rock WallBuckner Funken Jazz On The Wall Of Fame

          ( B-6 ) Live At Red Rocks


AXON By Terra Tec

June 1, 2007

Terra Tec Corporation Located In Germany Endorses Ron Buckner (B-6) To Represent
The Axon AX100 MKII Guitar To Midi Controller And The Axon AIX103 Bass Pickup

The Ultra-Fast AX 100 MKII guitar-to-MIDI controller in a single-unit rack mount has an early-recognition system which evaluates the impulses from the strings as soon as they are picked and converts them into values for pitch, dynamics and length. A 32-bit RISC processor makes this possible, opening up a whole new world of real-time performance options for

        BASS PLAYERS  !!

               (B-6) states "I am very impressed with the capabilities of the Axon AX 100 MKII, this unit has completely opened a new world for Bass Players.  It is an honor to be endorsed by Terra Tec, and to represent the Axon AX 100 MKII, and the AIX103 Bass Pickup.

 You will find many guitar players using this unit  - but  - Bass Players? 

Well -
 Let Just Say It's A Brand New DAY

Terra Tec Corporation       Terra Tec Corporation Endorser

Kalium Strings Web Site


My Bass Strings Are Made By Kalium Strings

My Gauges




Kalium Strings Web Site

Kalium's commitment to produce excellence is borne of 60 years of
combined experience. In addition to string development, design and production,
our history also includes machine design and development and musical instrument
design and production. You an expect a great deal from these strings - because a
great deal went into their creation.

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B-6 Endorses Spaceman Guitars
Chris Thomas

Owner - Sales & Repair Specialist
8555 West Colfax Ave
Lakewood, Co 80215
(inside the Rockley Music Building)      
 Guitars & Amps Full Repair Shop
Vinyl & Turntables
Web Page In Development    



December 5, 2007


Best - Tronics Pro Audio

Endorses Ron Buckner (B-6)
I only use very high quality cables so I was a little skeptical about the bass guitar cable that was sent to me.
The doubt went away just after I un-rolled the 15 foot bass guitar cable, the quality and workmanship of the cable was solid.  As far as sound I compared both cables and the Best - Tronics Pro cable seemed more transparent. You will have to form your own opinion  -  let your ears tell you I'm Making The Switch  Best Tronics Website Click Here



August 4, 2009

Graph Tech Guitar Labs Located In British Columbia Canada
rses Ron Buckner (B-6)

Graph Tech Guitar Bridges         

For over twenty years Graph Tech Guitar Labs has pioneered the development of innovative products designed to improve the guitar-playing experience by solving common problems and improving sound quality. Starting with the original "graphite nut", our product line has burgeoned to five recognized brands that address everything from string breakage to tuning problems to MIDI compatibility. Underscoring it all is a commitment to tonal fidelity.


Hipshot Products Incorporated

Manufactures Of Quality Bass And Guitar Hardware

Check Out Hipshot Bass Bridges Click On The Picture

Hip Shot Bridges Guitar      Hip Shot Bass Bridges

                  Hipshot Home Page                         Link To Hipshot Bass Bridges   


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