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       By Request - (B-6) Please Show Us Your Monster Dream Bass Rig













         (B-6) With The Legendary "Brian Dunne"  Drummer for the Average White Band             (B-6) With The Legendary Warren Hill


         (B-6) With The Legendary  Kofi Baker Recording At "Imagine A Better World"  Recording Studios

( B-6 ) Live At Red Rocks


Mojo's Music Academy
The Hottest Place In Colorado To Learn Music From The Pros

Pictures From The November Bass Camp

                                 (B-6) With The Legendary Damian Erskine      (B-6) With Damian Erskine And The Legendary Ray Riendeau

 (B-6) With The Legendary Audio Engineer Eddie Kramer And Mike P From Waves At Immersive Studios Boulder Colorado


                                              (B-6) With The Legendary Bobby Vega       Bobby Vega Paul And Jessica Rogalski

More Pictures Of B-6 Friends

And You Were Doubting That I Knew Him

(B-6) With Carmen Allgood From The Colorado Wave At Mojo's Music Academy For Her Radio Air Play Seminar
The Colorado Wave Direct Link To Carmen's Podcast

Ron Buckner (B-6) With  Diego Diaz Bass Player Of  Eight  0 Two Band People's Fair 2006


People's Fair 2007





"Music, The Only Universal Language"
Ron Buckner circa 1971

Created by Ron Buckner, for bass players. Follow the link to send a subscribe email to this email discussion group. 

Ron is severely funky!

Ron Buckner


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  "No Bottom  No Drive" - "No Drive  No Groove" -    "There's Nothing Like Laying Down The Low Funken"    Peace (B-6)


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